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One of the fastest ways to deplete a well-planned estate  is the ravaging costs of a long-term medical care.  With your ROPLTC Analysis, you will learn exactly what long term care plans are available to you and compare from five plans in America.  You’ll find out how you can:

  1. Leverage each repositioned dollar by a minimum of three ($1 = $3).  By adding the inflation rider, your leverage can increase up to 10 times ($1 = $10).
  2. If you don’t trigger the monthly LTC benefit your deposit is returned to your family.
  3. You can receive a return of premium, should you decide to change directions.
  4. All benefits, including your selected inflation percentage, are completely guaranteed.

Consider the latest alarming statistics:

  • 70% of nursing home residents are women.
  • 60% of adults living in “multigenerational” housing, began or continued to do so due to COVID.
  • 66.7 million American Adults reside in “multigenerational” households.
  • 80% of those that need long-term care are receiving care from unpaid family members.
  • 85% of boomers haven’t included long-term care costs in their retirement savings goals.
  • 72% of those over age 65 will require some type of extended long-term care.
  • 38% of all deaths from COVID were nursing home residents.  They weren’t at home.  Many were crammed into understaffed nursing homes that family members couldn’t visit.

If you are 80 years old or under and moderately healthy you should request your own complimentary analysis by completing the form below.  It’s free and can only give you knowledge and knowledge is power.

Again, kudos for researching your long term care options up to this point.  Now it’s time to take the next step and request your complimentary personalized ROP LTC Analysis.


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