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We are pleased to announce that the country’s top ROP LTC carrier not only reduced their premiums overall by 25%, which actually creates a 25% benefit increase, but they also designed a new benefit option we call the Max LTC ROP.   You are going to want to find out firsthand how this improvement will impact your Long Term Care planning.  To coincide with this rate reduction, we have updated our Special Report:  Return of Premium LTC, Third Edition.

The AM Best A+ carrier offering this 25% discount, stunned the Leveraged Care world in 2017 with the introduction of their Cash Indemnity Return of Premium LTC product.  They reigned as the nation’s absolute front-runner for over five years.  In 2022, with COVID still an uncertainty, they pulled back and increased their rates for new applicants.   Fast-forward to today…after a slight product adjustment…the new premiums are comparable to where they were when the product was first introduced.

If you can qualify, you are going to want to take advantage of this opportunity and end the LTC crisis for you.

You might ask:  “Why should I consider a Leveraged Care program in the first place?  I have enough cash to pay for a long-term medical care event, so why don’t I just roll the dice and keep my money where it is today?”

A fair question, but considering the state of the market today, the rising costs of medical expenses, and the COVID Pandemic, if you have the funds and are healthy enough, you should absolutely reposition some of your cash to instantly create a leveraged LTC benefit that is initially valued up to three times your deposit.  Furthermore, with the inflation rider, your benefit can increase each year to as high as 10 times.  In light of this recent 25% benefit increase, considering that the after-taxed guaranteed 15-year Internal Rate of Return for a 65-year-old is a whopping 10.12%, the unparalleled increases in medical expenses, and grim lessons we learned from COVID…Now is the optimum time to make a move.

We use leverage every day.  We use it to buy our home, car, boat, and vacation.  We use it in business.  We use it to pay for life, auto, and homeowner’s insurance.  We used it for our education.  Taking a dime today to acquire a Return of Premium LTC policy that will provide tax-free dollars that can be used to pay for a potential long-term care event is not only a smart move, but it is also a good steward of your money.  Additionally, you can stay at home a be cared for and avoid the treacherous nursing home environment, and should you dodge the LTC bullet, your heirs will receive back all of the money you transferred.
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