ROP LTC National Comparison

Summary Explanation:

Teal – Company A – Top Cash Indemnity plan in the country – current premium structure.

Red – Company A2 (same as company A) – that is offering the best Cash Indemnity plan in the country. These are the predicted increased rates that are anticipated in the near future. All applicants that apply, before the deadline, and are approved, will receive the lower rates.

Purple – Company B – Second best Cash Indemnity ROP LTC Plan. Note that even with the rate increase company A2’s Plan will still offer the most competitive premiums. Bottom line – Company A’s current plan is 24% better, all other things being equal.

Green – Company B2 (same as company B) – Note that this Cash Indemnity plan offers a 70% Return of Premium versus Company A, A2, and B that are 100% Return of Premium plans.

Orange – Company C – Is a Reimbursement plan. Note that it is also a 100% Return of Premium policy, and the total care pool is 8% less than Company A2. And 27% less than the Company A’s current premium.

Blue – Company D – Is a Reimbursement Plan. Note that it is a 70% Return of Premium policy and that the total care pool is less than Company A, and the predicted rate increase of Company A2.