By David T. Phillips, CEO

Myth #1

My family will take care of me.

Time, distance, and both spouses working have made it more difficult for many families to provide all the care needed. Even if family members can find the time to provide care, it can often take its toll on the care giver. If you were suddenly in need of Long-Term Care, imagine the physical, emotional and financial burden it could cause your family. Long-Term Care Insurance can help preserve your independence without burdening others.

Myth #2

I’ll just pay it myself.

The national average for one year’s stay in a private nursing home is over $95,000. Assisted living costs more than $45,000 and in-home care is over $35,000. Keep in mind these are just the averages. Factor in inflation and taxation to liquidate your assets to pay for the exorbitant Long-Term Care costs and it won’t take long to burn through your life’s savings.

Myth #3

The government’s health care will take care of me.

Medicare, conventional health insurance, and HMOs generally cover only skilled care. Most Long-Term Care is not skilled care, and only covers the first 100 days of skilled care in a nursing home. Disability income insurance does not cover Long-Term Care services, and Medicaid has strict limitations which require you to become impoverished in order to qualify.

Myth #4

I can’t afford Long-Term Care Insurance and it’s a use it or lose it proposition.

You can transfer assets such as: brokerage accounts, CDs, annuities, IRAs and cash into the Leveraged Care Solution which will provide multiple times their value in Long-Term Care protection. These leveraged assets will continue to grow in value and remain in the plus column of your balance sheet. What you don’t end up using for yourself in LTC benefits can be left behind to your loved ones or charities of your choice.

Myth #5

It won’t happen to me, besides I’m too young.

If you are a female age 65 or older you have an 80% chance of needing Long-Term Care at some point in your life. Males have a 60% chance. But its not just for those 65 and older. In fact, 37% of individuals requiring Long-Term Care are under the age of 65.

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